What are your payment terms?

Vietito requires full payment before starting each phase of your project. For example, to begin HTML development the total possible cost for HTML development is due. After approving the HTML for WordPress, the total possible cost for WordPress development is due before WordPress development can begin. For more information, please see our terms and conditions

Are your prices higher than other companies?

It’s true we’re a bit more expensive than some other companies (though we’re definitely not the most expensive option out there). That’s because our main focus is very high quality code and amazing customer care. In fact, we hear from clients all the time that they end up saving far more because of all of the time and hassles we help them avoid.

Do you offer white-label design and development?

Yes, we can private-label all of our development services, and we’re happy to sign an NDA. Our dev server is also 100% white label (you’ll never see any mention of Vietito) and we never share projects without your permission. In addition, we’re happy to use an @yourdomain.com email when managing your account. Just create the email address and send us access.

Where are you located?

We’re a 100% remote team based all over the world with headquarters in Athens, GA. All of our work is done our in-house team (we never outsource to other companies).