Can you help me with an API integration?

We seriously love making some awesome stuff happen through APIs, especially when the API includes detailed documentation. to learn more about how we can help integrate an API on your project!

Do I have to provide mobile and tablet designs for my project?

Nope! If you have something very specific in mind for the mobile and tablet versions of your project, feel free to send separate mobile and tablet designs over. Otherwise, we can take care of the mobile and tablet breakpoints at our discretion using just your desktop designs.

How should I prepare my design files and assets for you to quote?

It’s best to send 1 folder that includes:

  • All of your layered design files
  • Separate JPGs of every page of your designs (or a prototype link)
  • All fonts used in your designs
  • A separate notes document that explains anything that may be difficult to interpret from flat files