Monday, April 14, 2014

Hội Houston

Anh Chi Hai,
On the behalf of Houston Tennis Team, we would like to extend our great appreciation for your time and effort as the Head Coordinator of the Vietnamese Tennis Tournament. Giving the unfortunate event of OKC Tennis Team and the challenge of bad whether, You have done a wonderful job holding thing together.  We understand this has been a very challenging and difficult tournament for you to coordinate. During time like this you sometime may feel lonely, we want you to know that you have 100%+ of our support. We treasure your many sacrifies for the spirit of Vietnamese Tennis.  Seeing the spirit of the Austin Tennis Team, feeling a warm and friendly dinner gathering, and listening to many beautiful songs our Tennis brothers/sisters performed, we hope that they will help lift your spirit as well as providing you the vibrant energy to move forward with the June Tournament.  We are sure that we will have a fabulously fun tournament in June with many more participates. We are very excited to have all 6 Tennis Clubs competing with each other.  If you need any assistance, please not hesitate and let us know.  You know you always have our 110+% support. Let us keep the love for Vietnamese Tennis burning. Let our Tennis passions warm the lonely hearts of our Vietnamese people. Let our enthusiasm for Tennis passing on to our younger generations. 
Sincerely and cheers,
Tan (Hai)
Houston Tennis Team.

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